While today’s existing standards are sufficient for traditional manufacturing materials and techniques such as injection molding and CNC milling, they do not address risk variables that are introduced with advanced technologies. AM industry leaders have recognized the inherent variability within the technology’s processes and materials.  This variability produces uncertainty in part quality which, in turn, creates an increased need for process control and reliability.

UL, with its history in safety science, has taken the lead to bridge this industry gap. Based on industry best practices, ASTM and ISO standard development and internal UL research, the AM Material & Process Program enables you to manage variability and achieve repeatability and consistency within your AM operation.

How can you consistently manage these variables?

UL objectively and quantitatively controls the manufacturability, quality, and performance of materials for AM processes. The program is delivered via a multi-phased approach:

  • Initial Assessment

   A discovery process in which the program scope is defined. Includes a review of UL technical guidelines, identification of AM materials and processes, and a review of customer and application specific technical requirements (if applicable).

  • AM Material Characterization

   A chemical analysis and material characterization of the feedstock material(s) based on the defined program scope and technical requirements.

  • AM Process Characterization

   Verification of equipment and process performance as well as process parameter optimization.

  • AM Material and Process Verification

   Consolidation of the material and process characteristics into a standard operating procedure to be implemented internally or across the supply chain.

  • Routine Audits

   Annual quality control audits of manufacturing facilities and material suppliers. This may be coupled with surveillance required for AM part certification.

Deliverables from program phases may be leveraged independently or as an input to material and part certification.

The Only AM Material & Process Program Available

Whether you need to characterize a specific material or process, or aim to verify materials and processes as part of a broader AM part certification, UL will help you understand and meet the related global regulations and requirements.

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