Tier 1: Foundations

Delivers essential Information to begin working in the AM industry. (e.g., technologies, materials, key issues)

Providing introductory knowledge of the 3D printing industry and related technologies, Foundations of 3D Printing features software, material, printers and post-processing techniques. Foundations of 3D Printing may be hosted as a one-day instructor-led workshop or as an interactive online four-module course.

Foundations of 3D Printing Instructor-led Workshop

Foundations of 3D Printing: eLearning

Tier 1 instructor-led courses may be hosted at multiple locations including UL offices and global partner locations, or at your own facility.

Tier 2: Technical & Economics Training

Builds technical and economic competency to optimize AM designs, select the best manufacturing technology, manage quality and safety of parts and facilities, and manage capital investments in the technology while ensuring safety and quality.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Design for AM provides a working knowledge of how to develop, implement and optimize designs for different strategies in additive manufacturing. Through instructional design hands on activities and case studies, students will learn about selecting the appropriate AM technology for specific design-manufacturing applications, identify and explain the design challenges and provide solutions, identify software tools, evaluate existing designs for AM and design workflow and design parts that leverage the strengths of AM.

Additive Manufacturing Economics

UL’s AM Economics training teaches you how to benefit from the many advantages AM has to offer. Utilizing a series of real-world technical and business case studies, this two and a half day, instructor-led curriculum addresses the economic factors affecting each element of the AM supply chain. Justification of investments in various AM technology applications is also covered.

Managing Quality & Safety in AM

Managing Quality and Safety in AM provides students a working knowledge of process and material hazard management and how to assure quality and safety in part production.

Selecting AM Materials & Processes

Selecting AM Materials and Processes provides students a working knowledge of AM process and material characteristics and how to combine AM technologies with traditional manufacturing techniques for part production.

Tier 2 courses may be hosted at multiple locations including UL offices and global partner locations, or at your own facility.

Tier 3: Advanced AM Training

Builds competency to successfully fabricate metal, polymer composite and ceramic parts, from AM design set up to part build and post processing to quality assurance. 

Advanced Training on Metal Part Production

Exclusively offered at at the AMCC in Louisville, Kentucky, students will learn and apply advanced additive manufacturing with metals during this 5-day hands-on course. Beginning with process and material fundamentals and progressing through design, build planning, process parameters, post-processing and quality evaluation, students will design and manufacture parts as part of project teams.

Private and custom workshops are available! Contact us at AdditiveManufacturing@ul.com for more information. Course dates and locations are subject to change.