UL, the global leader in safety science innovation, is committed to helping facilitate the worldwide adoption of 3D printing and AM. Through our comprehensive materials testing and safety certification services, we help customers understand and benefit from this industrial revolution.

Material Testing & Validation

UL Material Testing examines key performance, machine compatibility and safety issues
such as flammability, toxicity, particle size distribution, and polymer, composite and metal quality. Utilizing recognized methods, including ASM, ASTM, ISO, and UL’s own specifications, UL tests products for compliance to global, national and regional standards.

The goal of materials testing is to determine the 3D printer materials meet specifications
and compliance for intended use and expected lifecycle. UL technical experts can help identify and address vulnerabilities throughout the production cycle, from product development and sourcing to failure analysis.

UL Material Testing & Validation services include:
• Printer & Material Compatibility Testing
• Standards Testing & Analysis
• Test Method Development
• Material Recommendation & Selection
• Material Design Support
• In-house Sample Preparation
• Testing to Client Protocol

Safety Certification

Businesses, consumers and regulatory authorities around the world know and trust UL’s safety certifications. UL helps manufacturers of 3D printing equipment hone their competitive edge by leveraging UL’s unrivaled safety science expertise to differentiate their products in the world marketplace through our end-to-end safety certification and validation services for global markets.

UL’s engineering expertise as well as our certifications and test reports are recognized by regulatory bodies around the world. We offer integrated test plans to assess whether products meet the requirements for multiple countries concurrently, as well as UL’s own Standards for Safety. We also assist clients meet or exceed workplace regulations and safety standards by commissioning equipment and conducting process hazard analyses.

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