Manufacturers pursuing AM part production recognize the need to meet regulatory requirements is not optional. UL AM Advisory Services help address the quality control and certification barriers that many AM technology users are facing by helping establish the necessary infrastructure to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of final AM parts.

UL AM Advisory Services benefit manufacturers looking to:

  • Grow their business beyond prototyping to final part production
  • Establish the manufacturing infrastructure and facilities needed to fabricate conforming parts
  • Achieve faster production of higher margin parts
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations and industry standards

A High Touch Consultative Approach

AM Advisory Services are currently offered within two solution suites, Fast to Production and AM Part Acceptance.

Fast to Production

The Fast to Production solution suite consists of five unique services designed to assist AM technology adopters attain production as quickly as possible while considering application specific requirements.

Fast to Production services include:

  • Roadmap development for building conforming AM capabilities
  • Assessment of the variable total landed cost of fabricated parts
  • Asset development planning based on the industry’s technology roadmap
  • Internal and qualified external AM capability portfolio development
  • Qualified material supplier portfolio development

AM Part Acceptance

The AM Part Acceptance solution suite consists of five unique services designed to assist AM technology adopters demonstrate compliance with existing regulations and industry standards.

AM Part Acceptance services include:

  • Assessment of part design for manufacturability and conformity
  • Validated material standards development
  • Validated process standards development
  • Quality control audits of material suppliers
  • Quality control audits of AM facilities

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